Events and Exhibitions

Events and Exhibition

We at Tech Mech Engineers are continually looking forward to outreach to as many customers as possible. One such opportunity is through Exhibition where we are always visiting. These are the most suited places for customer interaction. We look forward to understanding their issues and resolving their problems

Meet the Manufacturers

There is always uncertainty in the mind of the client as to with regards to the credibility of the manufacturers. At exhibitions and events you can meet us and develop your confidence. In a normal course of work we would set up meetings through telephone, email and looking up at availability. At an exhibition this can be done impromptu.

Product Customisation

Any major concern of the client is whether the product will be suitable to my requirements. We, ensure any little detail provided by the client is looked into and taken care of, starting from process requirement, Space constraint, make requirements, to maintenance & cleaning.

We manufacture general purpose SS equipments to Special SS Equipments ranging from heat exchangers, reactors, Pressure Vessels, Columns to Lab Equipments in SS 304, SS316, SS317, 904L, Hastelloy, Duplex and other Austenitic Steel Grades. We specialise in the manufacture of RVD and FLAKER Equipments.

Tech-Mech Engineers Events and Exhibitions

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